Download 'Do I Need To See An Allergist?' Now!


Seasonal allergies have fallen by the wayside and indoor allergies have taken hold in the Sioux Empire.  Also battling for attention are cold and flu viruses and a whole lot of other yuck moving from surface to surface and even through the air!  

If you are battling this common predicament of determining if you have a cold or allergies, then consider a few tips and follow this road map from Dr. Bubak, a board certified Allergist with Dakota Allergy & Asthma!  

Consider This:
  • Have your symptoms lasted more than a couple weeks?
  • Do you have itchy eyes or nose?
  • Have you tried antihistamines or nasal sprays?

By downloading this Allergy Assessment Roadmap from Dr. Bubak called "Do I Need To See An Allergist?," you will learn: 

  • How to assess your symptoms
  • If you have taken the correct medication
  • How to determine what types of medications to try if you haven't yet
  • If you should see an Allergist or other type of doctor 
No one has time to be sick and definitely doesn't have time to suffer every day from allergies.  This allergy assessment road map will help you determine if you might have allergies and your next steps for treatment.