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Self Help for Allergies

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on May 29, 2019 9:13:24 AM

In this video Dr Bubak Discusses what kind of treatments and lifestyle changes can you do before seeing an allergist.

You can begin to care for your allergies before seeing an allergist by avoiding allergens, using antihistamines, and keeping your house closed up and air-conditioned. 






Watch the video on Youtube here.


Full transcript: What kind of treatments can you do before seeing an allergist? basically we've got some avoidance measures. So if playing with cats makes you sick, try avoidance. If you have more summertime allergies keeping the house closed up air-conditioned would be something to start with. For medicines if it's just once in a while you have the itchy sneezy with the nose and eyes and antihistamine might be good but most people are having more problems all summer and they need to be on a nasal steroid and that starts right away, preferably a week before your symptoms even start and take it through the whole season. If those type of activities aren't helping it's time to see an allergist!


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