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A Guide to Your Allergist Visit

If you have never been to an allergy doctor before, you probably do not know what to expect during your first visit. You might think going to the allergist is all about being pricked by needle after...


What is an Allergist?

It sometimes can be difficult to determine whether you have a cold or an allergy because many of the symptoms are so similar. However, with a cold, your symptoms and discomfort will usually go away...


What Causes Asthma?

What Causes Asthma?Asthma patients know all to well the suffering from being short of breath, having a tight chest and cough, and the wheezing noises. Why do these problems come and go? Can’t they...Read more

Allergies In Asthma: Where’s the Relief?

Allergies In Asthma: Where’s the Relief?It doesn’t seem fair — not only do you have asthma but you also suffer from allergy symptoms like itchy eyes and nose, plus that itchy rash in the creases of...Read more

What Causes Nose And Eye Allergies And How To Treat Them

What Causes Nose and Eye Allergies and How To Treat Them   When you are exposed to something that you are allergic to, you may sneeze, have a runny and itchy nose, get congested, and your eyes...Read more

What is a Board Certified Allergist?

You’re sick of your allergies! All the staying inside. You're take all the medications you can find and your primary provider prescribes. Yet still the itchy, runny, plugged up, sneezy and...Read more

Dust Mite Allergies: What You Need to Know

Dust Mite Allergies: What You Need to Know   If you are allergic to dust mites, it can be very difficult to avoid exposure, no matter how clean your house may be. In fact, your symptoms may...Read more