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Download “Know When To Get Help For Your Asthma” Now!

Let's face it, an asthma attack can be downright scary!  To make things worse, not knowing what's triggering the attack is even scarier!

There are many different types of asthma and the severity of your asthma is usually determined by these things:
  • how often you have symptoms
  • nighttime awakenings
  • how often you’re using your rescue inhaler
  • if your asthma is keeping you from doing your normal activities
  • how well you’re breathing, based on a breathing test
Likely you or your child are keeping your asthma journal, following your asthma plan and using your rescue inhaler.  Do you find that you are still using your rescue inhaler more than you'd like?  There are probably so many questions floating through your mind.  Should I go back to the doctor?  How bad does it have to get before I see my doctor again?  What do I do if it gets worse?  If this is you, this resource from Dr. Bubak might help!

By Downloading, "Know When To Get Help For
Your Asthma" you will learn tips on when to:
  • Continue Treatment
  • Seek Follow Up Treatment
  • Seek Emergency Care

Don't delay!  Asthma is nothing to mess around with.  You can live a normal live with your asthma controlled.