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Concerned About Coronavirus?

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Mar 26, 2020 7:50:31 AM


March 26 Update:

I want to let our patients know that we are continuing to treat allergy and asthma problems.  Our protocols have been modified to decrease chances of virus exposure even further than normal.

Allergy Immunotherapy (shot) is an important long-term therapy that needs to continue regularly to be effective and maintain maximal safety.  Our Allergy Treatment Center has wide spacing between seating groupings to assist with social distancing.  Plenty of hand sanitizer is available (and the soap and water option) and should be used.  We are allowing waiting the 30 minutes in your car as long as you let us know when you are going. We are happy to prescribe and EpiPen for any patient on shots but really encourage having one if you are in your car.

New patient consultations and established patient rechecks are continuing both in person and by telehealth visit.

Staying on top of your allergies and asthma is important not just to make you feel better.  Controlled allergies don’t have runny noses and itchy eyes so you don’t rub your face and eyes and thus are less likely to infect yourself.  Controlled asthmatics do much better if they get another illness such as pneumonia.

Working together we will get through this.  Stay Well!!

March 12 Update:

To our patients who are concerned about coronavirus, the South Dakota Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control have detailed information and guidance on their web pages.

Please be aware that we do not have in-office lab capabilities and will not be able to perform tests for coronavirus.

If you are ill, and for the protection of patients in our office who have an immune deficiency and chronic lung disease, please follow the guidance of the SD DEPT of Health and the CDC and stay at home. If you need refills on your medication(s) please call our office or have your pharmacy get in touch with us. We now have electronic prescribing capability.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick.

For our patients who are due for a routine re-check but are practicing social distancing, we are happy to either reschedule your visit or to schedule online visits for you via ZOOM (telehealth).