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Preventing Pediatric Peanut Anaphylactic Reactions

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Jun 23, 2020 2:55:40 PM

We all worry when our children experience anaphylaxis after eating peanuts. If this has ever been your child, you probably find yourself asking constantly asking questions. Is this peanut free? Where is the epinephrine? Should I let them go to a birthday party, Grandma’s place, their friend’s house, or even church?

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Topics: Palforzia, peanut allergy, anaphylaxis

Telehealth Available at Dakota Allergy & Asthma

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Apr 15, 2020 3:36:14 PM

You are sick with your allergies, asthma, and anaphylactic emergencies.  You need help but you don’t know how you can get seen and get better in this time of coronavirus precautions.

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What is the Best Allergy Medicine?

Posted by Brian Brennan, M.D. on Apr 8, 2020 6:53:42 PM

This is the question I get asked the most!  Everyone wants to know – patients, parents, nurses, and other doctors. 

What Are The Best Allergy Meds?

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Topics: allergies, immunotherapy, Managing Allergies

Concerned About Coronavirus?

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Mar 26, 2020 7:50:31 AM

April 7 Update:

Today, Governor Kristi Noem issued an executive order for Minnehaha and Lincoln county residents who are over 65 and anyone who has a serious underlying medical condition to stay home until April 27th.  

This executive order includes several conditions such as chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma and a serious heart condition.

Please know that the providers at Dakota Allergy & Asthma are here to make sure you are staying on top of your asthma. 

If your are having asthma problems we can do a (Zoom) telehealth visit, and for most patients we will be able to get you back on track. 

The worst thing for an asthmatic during this time with coronavirus risk is to not be fully controlled with your asthma.  All the asthma prevention medications and interventions are safe and must be continued. 

If your asthma is flaring up, contact your allergist.  


March 26 Update:

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How to Manage Cat Allergies Without Having to Say Goodbye to Your Cat

Posted by Brian Brennan, M.D. on Mar 18, 2020 9:47:01 PM

Awwww cats.  Who doesn’t love their lazy, maybe feisty, or maybe playful kitty cat?

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Topics: pet allergies, cat allergies, allergic to cat

What is This Itchy Rash?

Posted by Lindsey R. Peterson, CNP on Mar 18, 2020 9:26:41 PM

Have you ever wondered what may be causing your itchy rash?  

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Dakota Allergy & Asthma Takes Self Referred Patients!

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Mar 18, 2020 5:08:47 PM

Dakota Allergy & Asthma is happy to see patients who refer themselves to our practice to be evaluated for a potential allergy.

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Topics: allergist, self referred patients, board certified allergist, allergy patient, asthma patient

You’re Allergic to Your Pet

Posted by Brian Brennan, M.D. on Mar 17, 2020 2:12:42 PM

Those are dreaded words from your Allergist.  At one level you kind of ‘just knew it’ but emotionally no one is ever ready to hear those words.  How can this be?  Let’s back up and look at how pet allergy presents itself.

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Topics: allergies, Living With Allergies, pet allergies

Am I Truly Allergic to Penicillin?

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Mar 4, 2020 11:00:00 AM

A penicillin allergic reaction can be very scary for anyone.  The results of a reaction can even be deadly. 

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Topics: immunotherapy, Diagnosing Allergies

Why Bother with Allergy Shots?

Posted by Mark Bubak, M.D. on Mar 3, 2020 11:48:59 AM


Oh no—that 4-letter word: shot.

I get asked all the time, “why allergy shots?” when discussing treatment options for patients who struggle with allergies and asthma. That question is usually followed with, “I would rather just take a pill,” or, “don’t allergies just go away?”

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Topics: immunotherapy, allergy shots