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What is the Best Allergy Medicine?

Posted on Apr 8, 2020 6:53:42 PM

This is the question I get asked the most!  Everyone wants to know – patients, parents, nurses, and other doctors. 

What Are The Best Allergy Meds?

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Pros and Cons of Immunotherapy

Posted on Nov 27, 2019 11:32:20 AM

A lot of people struggle with allergies, especially during the spring and fall when there are more allergens in the air. The most common thing for people with allergies to do when they’re hit with a serious case of sniffles and itchy, watery eyes is to pick out some allergy medication at their local pharmacy. While allergy pills can help offer some relief, their abilities are limited, and the long-lasting relief that people with allergies are looking for might still be out of reach.

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Hay Fever

Posted on Sep 17, 2019 2:57:06 PM



In South Dakota, ragweed allergies strike every August. Starting a regimen early will help you handle your ragweed allergies.

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Insurance & Asthma

Posted on Aug 12, 2019 7:14:52 PM
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What are Allergy Shots?

Posted on May 29, 2019 10:56:37 AM

What’s the magic behind allergy shots? How do they work? If you’re curious about allergy shots, then you should check out this video to hear Dr. Bubak explain how they work!

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A Guide to Your Allergist Visit

Posted on Nov 30, 2016 9:55:32 AM

If you have never been to an allergy doctor before, you probably do not know what to expect during your first visit. You might think going to the allergist is all about being pricked by needle after needle to see what you are allergic to. Just the thought of that may make you dread going to that first appointment. However, seeing an allergist is not just all about needles.

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When to See an Allergist

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 2:03:39 PM

Not all allergy problems require you to see an allergist. If you are able to control your occasional allergy symptoms with over-the-counter antihistamines or nasal steroids, you usually don’t need to see a doctor that specializes in allergies. However, if your allergies are interfering with your normal day-to-day activities, it may be time to see an allergist.

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Making Sense of Allergies Treatment Options

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 5:17:52 PM

Making Sense of Allergy Treatment Options

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Allergy Self Help: Take Control of Your Allergies

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 8:37:27 AM
What can you do to take control of your allergies, instead of letting them control you? Read More

Three Steps to Relieve and Fix Allergies

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 11:53:00 AM

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